Mini Portable Dishwasher

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A Cheap and Convenient Solution

A portable washer that gets even the hardest of food off.

If you have little free time, you don't want to wash the dishes after a meal, or you don't want to touch the stains. This amazing product is for you!!!


No Diswasher? No Problem!

You don’t have to purchase a big dishwasher because our product can clean anything.  In spite of being small, it’s very mighty. This dishwasher has a powerful built-in turbine motor that creates big waves that remove tough food stains and residue. 


Clean Anything in Your House 

This portable washing machine is also suitable for newborn clothes, underwear, rags, towels, clothing, socks and other small lightweight clothing.


Compact and Portable Design

This mini washing machine adopts a foldable and low noise design, which is portable and will not bother your rest and sleeping. You can tuck it on the right side of the suitcase when you go camping or travel. 


4-Level Adjustment

You can switch 4 modes: Auto cycle cleaning, automatic positive inversion, ultrasonic vibration cleaning and bubble cleaning.


How to use this Mini Dishwasher

You just need to put the dirty dishes in the sink, install it on the bottom of the basin and plug in the power. Please wait 15 minutes and just have to rinse and dry. 



  • Item weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Efficiency: ‎Energy Efficiency
  • Capacity: 1 Kilograms
  • Max Spin Speed: 200 RPM
  • Material Type: Plastic

PACKAGE INCLUDE:  1 x Mini Dishwasher


Q. Can it clean forks without using hands?

A. Absolutely, it can activate chlorine gas in tap water, quickly dissolve stains for deep cleaning. 

Q. Will it be broken when used in water?

A. No. The device is made from premium ABS and silicone material so it is very durable.

Q. Can it clean many things?

A. The product can clean 1 kg of items.

Q. Where to put the device?

A. You can install it on the bottom of the basin or barrel, not the curved wall.

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